Non Traditional Family Planning

Non-traditional families in Texas, such as members of the GLBT community, individuals who choose to remain single, and other domestic partnerships or relationships that are not legally-recognized, face different estate planning challenges than do many others. Because the State of Texas does not recognize non-traditional families, you may be wondering if you will be cared for as you would desire or if your loved ones will receive the support you wish to provide.

Under the current laws, if you become incapacitated your “next of kin,” who may or may not be the person whom you would like, will have to make the decisions as to your care. Similarly, under the laws of intestacy your “next of kin” will inherit all of your assets if you pass away, rather than have them distributed to the beneficiaries you might otherwise choose.

We understand the unique challenges facing the growing number of non-traditional families. Because such situations are not recognized by the State of Texas and the laws of intestacy are not likely to accomplish your goals, you must be proactive about your estate planning needs.

Whatever your particular personal or family needs and desires, the Law Office of Tiffany L. Hamil can help you meet your estate planning goals. We can help you protect your rights and preserve your wishes for the future, whether you are interested in a domestic partnership agreement, wills, trusts, healthcare and other powers of attorney, beneficiary planning, or any other estate planning need.

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