The Benefits of Leaving a Legacy

The beauty of charitable giving is that it benefits everyone. In addition to the inherent personal benefits of charitable giving, individuals can gain recognition as stewards of their communities and achieve significant tax savings while devising charitable giving plans that meet their personal and financial goals without adversely affecting their family’s long-term security. Similarly, businesses benefit by gaining a number of tax advantages as well as developing goodwill and recognition in the community too.

All of the benefits of your charitable gifts, however, can have a number of unintended consequences unless they are made carefully. As the donor, you may lose the extraordinarily valuable tax benefits they had hoped to gain and problems may also arise for the charitable organization to which the gift was made.

The Law Office of Tiffany L. Hamil can help you devise a charitable giving plan that meets your goals and that of your intended beneficiary. Whether you wish to make a number of small gifts over many years or establish a large private foundation, Ms. Hamil can assist you with leaving a legacy of charitable giving while minimizing taxes and securing the future of your beneficiaries.

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